Next citizens' meeting with the mayor

The next citizen consultation hour with Mr. Mayor Michael Werner takes place on Saturday, 02.10.2021

from 10:00 to 12:00 in the town hall, bgm. room (room no. 12/14, 1st floor).

Due to the Corona pandemic, registration must be made in advance with scheduling in the designated time. Therefore, please register by 01.10.2021 by phone at 09771 9106-101. 
If you need to use the elevator, we appreciate timely information.

The number of people is limited to two people per concern. In order to allow all interested persons to visit, the consultation time per citizen should not exceed approx. 10 minutes. Please understand that, due to the restrictions, spontaneous visits to the citizens' consultation hours are not possible.

The hygiene protection measures (wearing an FFP2 mask) when entering the town hall and the specified safety distances must be observed.

We would like to point out that we will record the contact details of visitors to the town hall on site and store them for one month in order to trace possible chains of infection. For data protection reasons, this data will be deleted after one month.

You also have the option of logging in via the Luca app ( This way you can record your attendance with us yourself and your data will only be stored in encrypted form. On site, the corresponding QR codes are attached to our access doors, a short scan is enough and your presence is booked!



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