renewable energies Bad Neustadt

The topics of energy supply and energy security in Germany have become a central issue not only since the war in Ukraine. In order to achieve the goals set for climate neutrality in the future, the expansion of renewable energies is indispensable.

For electricity generation, the city of Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale has set itself the goal of achieving 100% grid throughput in the city area by expanding climate-friendly and regenerative electricity generation. A significant share of this is to be achieved through the construction of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems.


With the establishment of this criteria catalog for FF-PVA, the city of Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale wants to create a transparent basis for decision-making for the public, property owners and other involved stakeholders as well as applicants of FF-PVA, in order to make an important contribution to the rapid implementation of the energy transition.

Here you can find the criteria catalog in PDF format. 


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