Supply & disposal

Where to put the trash? Have you forgotten the time for paper disposal or the yellow bag? You can find an answer to all your questions about supply and disposal in Bad Neustadt here.


Your supplier for the number 1 foodstuff in the entire city ...


Stadtwerke Bad Neustadt 
Goethestraße 17-19 

Mr Sascha Kirchner
Water master
Phone: 09771 / 6220-18
Fax: 09771 / 622025
E-Mail: technik(at) 



For years, three purification stages have been installed at the sewage treatment plant of the Saale-Lauer wastewater association. A digester gas plant supplies electricity for the ongoing operation. The sewers are in good condition throughout.

Wastewater treatment at the highest level ...

Abwasserverband Saale-Lauer
Am Palmsberg 1
97618 Hohenroth
Phone: 09771 / 6106-0
Fax:  09771 / 6106-66
E-Mail: info(at) 


Managing Director
Mr Arno Schlembach
Phone: 09771 / 610616
Fax: 09771 / 610666    
E-Mail: Schlembach(at)


techn. operations manager

Mr Stephan Mohler

Phone: 09771 / 610611
Fax: 09771 / 610666
E-Mail: mohler(at) 


Your contact for questions about power supply in the city centre and the districts of Löhrieth and Mühlbach.


  Stadtwerke Bad Neustadt


Your contact person for questions regarding power supply in the districts of Brendlorenzen, Dürrnhof, Herschfeld and Lebenhan.

Überlandwerk Rhön GmbH
Hauptstraße 3
97616 Bad Neustadt a.d.Saale

Phone: 09771/63698-0

Fax 09771/63698-19


Bayrische Rhöngas GmbH 
Hauptstraße 3
97616 Bad Neustadt 
Phone: 09771 / 62240-0
Fax: 09771 / 62240-249
E-Mail: roeg(at) 
Interference suppression  09771/3463


Where to put the trash? When do I have to take out the trash? When do I have to pick up the paper waste and the yellow bag? A look at the collection calendar brings clarity.

Abfuhrkalender (Landkreis Rhön-Grabfeld)


Stadt Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale
Rathausgasse 2
97616 Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale

Telefon: 09771/9106-0
Telefax: 09771/9106-109

E-Mail: info(at)