Our projects do not only result in a constant development of the city. Bad Neustadt has a wide range of projects, from construction undertakings to socially and ecologically effective campaigns. You can find all information on current projects here.



integrated mobility concept

In the city council meeting of 24.11.2020, the idea of creating an integrated mobility concept for the entire city area was discussed. The basic decision for the implementation of such a concept was then taken.
In the meantime, the administration has dealt intensively with this topic. Various traffic planning offices have been contacted and have presented and explained their concepts to a working group of the administration in several video conferences. In a next step, an award procedure is to take place in which the most suitable office is to be selected and commissioned. The current pandemic situation also influences the work steps of an integrated mobility concept. For example, traffic surveys and citizen participation must be made dependent on further pandemic events. As soon as the situation permits, the corresponding steps will be planned and implemented.You will continue to be informed about this important topic here in the city magazine. If you have any questions or suggestions on this topic in advance, please feel free to contact the project management team at 



trees of life for Bad Neustadt babies

For the coming year 2021, the city plans to plant a tree for every newborn child in the city area. Newly-born parents will receive a tree as a symbolic gift in addition to the baby swimming course when they register their offspring.

The young trees will then be planted each year in appropriate numbers as part of various reforestation activities in the city forest. Due to the climate change and the associated increase of dry periods, some tree species in the region unfortunately do not manage to survive. Forestry director Mr. Türich and city forester Mr. Henig, are therefore actively searching for survivable species in order to replant the deforested and restored forest areas accordingly. For the planting of the trees of life next spring, the two have decided to plant red beech and yew seedlings. A corresponding forest section has already been determined for the year 2021.

Experience in recent years shows that about 120 babies are born in Bad Neustadt every year. Together with the city council, the planting campaign will enter its first round next spring. If desired, a plaque with the child's name can optionally be placed at the entrance of the forest.  Parents will of course be invited to participate in the planting campaign if the effects of the Corona pandemic allow it.


How can you participate in the planting action as a new parent of a baby in Bad Neustadt? 

Of course, you as a family are cordially invited to the corresponding planting action. Please just let us know if you would like to participate in this planting action. We will then inform you as soon as a planting date has been set and such an event may take place again.
For this purpose, please register with Ms. Racké (project management) at: or by telephone at 09771/9106-171.


Stay Clean Bad Neustadt

"Nature breathes again!"

Now of all times we should think of our environment. Even if COVID-19 currently pushes all other topics into the background. 

It is time to say thank you!

This is the way the city administration would like to say thank you. Thanks to the many helpers of the past year with various activities. 

With actions like the environment day of the secondary school Bad Neustadt or the other "Rama Damas" like for example in Lebenhan, the nature here in our direct surroundings was also given a "breath of fresh air". Many children and teenagers as well as adults were active again and collected eagerly left garbage in the corridors around our city. We hope that many people will follow this example again this year


Photo: The photo shows the participating pupils and teachers on Environment Day 2019 with (from right): Mayor Bruno Altrichter, pupil Jonas Knüttel, building yard manager Konrad Wehe as well as teacher Heidi Ragati and teacher ... Photo: Kristina Kunzmann - Source Mainpost 


Even if actions like the "Rama Damas" are not possible at the moment, everyone can do something for the cleanliness in nature. On currently so appreciated walks one can wonderfully dispose of garbage lying around.


Where no rubbish is left behind in nature, no one has to be cleared away!

Food for thought for the young generation: Movements like Fridays for Future only make sense if there is also a sustainable thinking in relation to the local nature. Here, for example, small sponsorships for individual, smaller areas in the city would also be conceivable. So that these areas can be checked, cleaned and the grievances can be permanently reported by the volunteers.


Where to go with ideas on this topic?

Mrs Anna-Luzia Racké

Project Management - City of Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale

mail: anna.racke(at)

phone: 09771 / 9106-170


Mr. Konrad Wehe

Manager of the municipal building yard

E-mail: bauhof(at)

Phone: 09771/9106-600

Conversion of the Alte Amtskellerei into a cultural centre in Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale


You can view and download the documentation brochure of the realization competition.
We hope you enjoy exploring the results of the competition.



At the beginning of the year the office Buruckerbarnikol Architekten BDA won the architectural competition for the redesign of the old Amtskellerei into a cultural center. The area of 1700 square meters has now been redesigned. 650 square meters are planned for a museum, 500 for the municipal library, 140 for a communication zone and another 120 for multifunctional rooms.
Mr. Burucker now presented the planning sand to the city council. The draft concept for a new municipal library is based on the principle of "Education and Culture - modern, digital, integrative municipal library". Ms. Scheler would like to offer an individually selected range of media, high quality reading promotion and digital media around the clock in the new rooms. There will also be an integration of reading and study places. The new library is to move into its new premises in the area of the old Amtskellerei (to the right of the inner courtyard). The cell structures are to be preserved. There will be two permanent exhibitions in the museum. The early medieval Royal Palatinate Salt and the more recent history of Bad Neustadt from the 13th century to the present day will be presented. This offer is to be supplemented by temporary exhibitions. Access to the museum and library is planned via the partially roofed inner courtyard, which will then house the registration area and a small café.


Project "Cableway"

What were the last steps?

While the first ideas for an urban cable car in Bad Neustadt were already coming up in 2014 and the possible route was determined over time, this project continues to be driven by the administration at the present time. For this reason, a potential analysis of the cable car project was carried out last year.


Here come the potentials!


Who participated?

In order to be able to assess the possible potential of a cable car connection between the Old Town and the Rhön-Klinikum, a corresponding survey was carried out among residents of Bad Neustadt, employees, patients and visitors to the campus to assess the project individually. A total of 1,174 people took part in the survey.




    What are the results?

    More than half of the interviewees are citizens of Bad Neustadt and the surrounding area, some of whom work on campus or have visited it before.

    More than half of the respondents use their own car every day, only 2.3% of the respondents use public transport every day.

    Reasons for this voting behaviour are: flexibility, cost, time factors.

    Travel comfort by car is best perceived in the region.

    BUT: The general willingness to use the cable car is high at 76%.

    Nevertheless, positive views are opposed by critical voices.


    What has to change?

    Bus station must become the central transfer point in Bad Neustadt in order to exploit the potential of the cable car.

    The frequency of buses getting on and off at the bus station must be adjusted.


    What happens next?

    City Council approves two more investigations:

    • Construction feasibility study on the possible route and stations
    • Traffic analysis of the local public transport system in accordance to the public transport of the district
    Ansprechpartner - Projektmanagement


    Frau Sabine Denner

    Telefon: 09771 / 9106-170


    Frau Anna-Luzia Racké

    Telefon: 09771 / 9106-171

    E-Mail: anna.racke(at)

    Rathausgasse 2
    97616 Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale