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Friendships and partnerships - at an early stage Bad Neustadt sought and found like-minded cities in Europe. Whether to France, England, the Czech Republic or Austria, cross-border connections lead everywhere, which are supported and lived by many citizens with great cordiality.




Bilovec, the former Wagstadt, a municipality in the Silesian part of the Sudeten German cow country, had 4,960 inhabitants in 1930, 3,608 of them German. Around 1323 Wok von Krawarn elevated the settlement to a town, which was now called Wockenstadt. Around 1383 Wagstadt was walled up and granted privileges. It changed the rule several times. The castle from 1595 was baroque in the 18th century.


The church of St. Nicholas dates back to a building of the 14th century. In more recent times, medium-sized industrial enterprises such as a button and metal goods factory, machine factories or food and luxury food production companies were the basis of the village's income.

The certificate of partnership was signed in Bad Neustadt on 09.06.1958. The life of the Wagstadters in their old homeland is documented in the Heimatstuben in the Hohntor. 50 years after taking over the sponsorship, the contacts between Bilovec, the former Wagstadt, and Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale have recently intensified. The town twinning agreement was signed in September 2001.


On Friday, 01.05.2009, the twinning charter of the town twinning between Bad Neustadt and Cerro Maggiore was signed in a festive ceremony in the Old Town Hall in Bad Neustadt. On Saturday, 09.05.2009, the second ceremonial signing of the twinning charter takes place in Cerro Maggiore.

The delegations will be led by Mr. 1st Mayor Altrichter and Mayor Dr. Lazzati and accompanied by high-ranking members of the town council and the committees involved in the town twinning.

For Bad Neustadt Cerro Maggiore is the 6th twin town, for Cerro Maggiore Bad Neustadt is the first twin town.Cerro Maggiore is a town of comparable size to Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale.However, the structure and function of the two cities in their environment is fundamentally different.

While Bad Neustadt is a medium-sized centre with considerable importance as a location for industry, services and health care in a rural area, Cerro Maggiore, with its location between Milan Malpensa Airport and the centre of Milan, is part of the important centre of the Milan metropolitan region without its own centre function. Furthermore, Cerro Maggiore is no more than an hour's drive away from Lake Como and Lake Maggiore.

From this fundamentally different starting position, however, both sides also have attractive and varied opportunities for meeting and exchange, as each of the towns has its strengths and perspectives precisely in the fields that are not available in the twin town.

The historical and cultural points of contact between Italy and Germany range from antiquity to the present and are known to all.

Bad Neustadt can therefore assume that the town twinning with Cerro Maggiore will also develop into a lived partnership that has become rooted in the population over the years, due to the similarities as well as the charming contrasts. This is the case, for example, with the twin towns Falaise and Pershore, whose twinning anniversaries were celebrated on the 1st May weekend as part of a "Europe Day" with all twin towns and town friendships.

The city Falaise has about 9,000 inhabitants. The medieval old town is dominated by a massive castle from the 10th century. Falaise is the birthplace of William the Conqueror. Three art-historically remarkable old churches from the Romanesque and Gothic periods survived the battles for Normandy in the Second World War. On the other hand Falaise is also a town with modern industry and lively tourism.
Nearby there is a well-known stud farm with riding school. Falaise is situated in a very scenic area on the edge of the Pays d'Auge. The distance to the sea is only 45 km.

The town twinning was established by signing the documents on 19.02.1969 in Bad Neustadt and on 16.05.1969 in Falaise.

45 Jahre Städtepartnerschaft mit Falaise


Oberhof is known as the "city of sports" and tourism. International sporting events have made the city on the Rennsteig a centre of attraction. Especially the winter sports events on the five ski jumps, on the toboggan and bobsleigh run as well as in the biathlon centre have made the city famous worldwide. The city has about 3,000 inhabitants and is very scenically situated. Worth mentioning is the largest alpineinum with 4,000 species of high mountain plants from all over the world. The signing of the partnership document took place on 21.07.1990 in Bad Neustadt, combined with a marketplace festival.


Pershore has about 8,000 inhabitants. Especially worth seeing is the abbey church. The distance to Worcester is 25 km, to Stratford upon Avon (Shakespeare/Theatre) 35 km and even Oxford is only 80 km away. Pershore is surrounded by a number of beautiful old towns and historic cities.

Pershore, although a charming and historic town, is also very modern and its shops and market attract shoppers from far and near. Among the modern buildings are a clinic, library and indoor swimming pool. The latter is a stately building on the edge of King George Field, the city's most important green space, in a charming location on the Avon River.

The partnership with Pershore was established by signing the deeds on 03.03.1979 in Pershore and on 12.05.1979 in Bad Neustadt.

Impressionen des Neustadttreffens 2019


Neustadt in Europa
In 1979, the then mayor of our town, Mr. Paul Goebels, invited representatives of various towns and communities with the name Neustadt from Germany and Austria to a town festival. This was the birth of the Neustadt idea.


A Consortium  "Neustadt in Europa" was launched and the number of members has now grown to 33 cities and municipalities in Europe. Partner municipalities from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia have joined this new town movement. Every year there is a Neustadt meeting to document the solidarity of the people of Neustadt and to promote and cultivate the Neustadt idea throughout Europe.


Become Neustadt ambassador! 
What do you have to do?

  • Purchase a Neustadt-Pass (for a nominal charge of 3,-- € in all 33 Neustadt cities).
  • Visit 10 cities/communities with the name "Neustadt" and have your visit confirmed.

Then you receive: 
Diploma as Neustadt ambassador, a gift of honour, and you take part in an annual draw (prize: weekend stay in one of the 33 new towns).

Die Stadtgemeinde Oberpullendorf liegt im Burgenland, Österreich, ca. 80 km südlich von Wien, nahe der Grenze zu Ungarn. Sie hat ca. 30.000 Einwohner. Oberpullendorf ist das wirtschaftliche Zentrum der Region "Mittleres Burgenland". Als Bezirksvorort hat es umfangreiche Aufgaben zu erfüllen. 

Der Ort wurde 1968 Fremdenverkehrsgemeinde und eignet sich aus klimatischen Grünen betsens für Erholungszwecke. Im Bezirk Oberpullendorf findet man interessante Kulturbauten, Gedenkstätten und Attraktionen. Die Unterzeichnung der Partnerschaftsurkunde hat am 23.04.1982 in Bad Neustadt und am 14.05.1982 in Oberpullendorf stattgefunden. 


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