The funeral facilities of the town include 7 cemeteries with mortuary and funeral parlours. Apart from the classical burial in the earth, urn burials in differently designed niches and as grave goods are possible. The offer also includes urn burials and an anonymous urn field. As a special feature the cemeteries Gartenstadt, Brendlorenzen and Herschfeld offer the so-called "natural burial". With this form of burial an eco-urn is buried at the foot of a tree.


City - Cemetry at the Hohntor
Cemetry Gartenstadt at the parish church St. Konrad
Cemetry Brendlorenzen at the carolingian royal church (Parish church)
Cemetry Herschfeld at the parish church St. Nikolaus
Cemetry  Mühlbach, Löhriether Str. at the end of the village in direction to Löhrieth
Cemetry Löhrieth, Tannenstraße
Cemetry Dürrnhof at the end of the farm road in direction to Mühlbach
Cemetry Lebenhan, Brender Weg at the parish church

Ansprechpartner - Friedhöfe

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