Development plans of the city of Bad Neustadt

We have clearly arranged the development plans of the city of Bad Neustadt for you in the BayernAtlas.

The available development plans are displayed in gray/yellow. Here you will find by clicking at the appropriate place in the city area not only the plan drawing, but also the textual determination and the legend in PDF form. 

The BayernAtlas urban land use planning is an information system for the urban land use plans of the cities and municipalities of Bavaria. The application serves - in the sense of citizen service - as a first-start site where you can get information about urban land-use plans. This service does not replace the legally binding nature of the original plans. Only the original plan contains the valid legal situation in the sense of the building code.

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Rechtsverbindliche Bebauungspläne

Hier finden Sie eine Zusammenstellung der rechtsverbindlichen Bebauungspläne der Stadt Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale. 




Aktuelle Bauleitplanverfahren


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