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1. COVID-19  
city administration and all branch offices will be open again From 21.03.2022, the pandemic-related regulations will be largely lifted throughout Germany. For this reason, the city administration…  
2. City Library  
City Library freely available books in Ukrainian language Here you can find an overview of e-books and sites in Ukrainian language  …  
3. News from the city council  
News from the city council News from the city council Next city council meetings: 06.04.2022 28.04.2022  12.05.2022   
4. City-Magazine  
Edition january 2022 Edition feburary 2022 Edition march 2022 Edition january 2021 Edition feburary 2021 Edition march 2021 Edition april 2021 Edition may 2021 Edition…  
5. Career  
Stadtwerke Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale is looking for an apprentice as an electronics technician for operating technology (m/f/d) for 01.09.2022. The tasks of Stadtwerke Bad Neustadt are to supply…  
6. Schools  
The school career is certainly a very important stage in the life of every individual. True to the motto "you never stop learning", we have compiled an overview of the schools in Bad Neustadt for…  
7. City archive  
Here you can find the PDF files of the local history magazines of Bad Neustadt, which were published from 1951 by the archivist Alfons Maria Borst. A detailed list of the Heimatblätter can be found…  
8. Search  
9. Offices  
Mayor of the city Michael Werner    Substitute: Second Mayor Nobert Klein Third mayor Karl Breitenbücher Phone: 09771/ 9106-101 Fax: 09771/ 9106-109 e-mail:…  
10. City law  
Gebühren- und Beitragsliste  
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