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11. Services A - Z  
Who is responsible?  Services from A to Z  
12. Building promotion  
local and state construction subsidies Contact municipal support programme "Old Town" City combing department Alte Pfarrgasse 3 97616 Bad Neustadt a.d.Saale Phone: 09771 / 9106-200 Fax:…  
13. Associations  
Associations Cultivating the same interests together is no problem with the variety of associations in Bad Neustadt. From sports and social activities to musical associations - in Bad Neustadt,…  
14. Forum „generationsgerechte Stadt“  
City of Bad Neustadt Ms. Sendner Phone: 09771/9106-101 Fax: 09771/9106-7101 E-Mail:  Forum "Generationsgerechte Stadt" "Generationsgerechte Stadt"…  
15. Artists  
Artists in Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale Creativity, inspiration and imagination - these are all qualities that make a good artist. For all art enthusiasts, the artists of Bad Neustadt and the…  
16. History & Emblem  
Description In red a silver crenellated wall rising from the right and left, at the top occupied by a silver round tower with a blue domed roof, at the bottom on both sides a silver crenellated…  
17. Life finds inner city  
Economic geographical studies Heinritz, Salm & Stegen Partnership for applied urban and social research Steinheilstraße 15a 80333 München Phone: 089 51777-465 Fax: 089 51777-469 …  
18. Commercial spaces  
Commercial spaces The city of Bad Neustadt offers expanding companies inexpensive and conveniently located commercial and industrial sites in the north of the city. Direct contact to the B 19 and…  
19. Welcome to Bad Neustadt!  
Welcome to Bad Neustadt! Your Michael Werner First Mayor  
20. Districts & Location  
The history of Dürrnhof is closely linked to that of the city castle "Salzburg". The "Hof am Dornberg" was once an outlying estate and farm for the castle owners. In 1760 lord of the manor "Egid…  
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Stadt Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale
Rathausgasse 2
97616 Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale

Telefon: 09771/9106-0
Telefax: 09771/9106-109

E-Mail: info(at)